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with abrupt edges, slightly, if at all, elevated above

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class of perceptions ; for it is ascertained from numerous observations, that, after certain injuries of the mednllacy

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suffer severely from diarrhea. This relationship is so close

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though several months afterward the patient had a severe

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of the tetanus in the case under consideration would

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noticed on her arms, face, and body. She was moved to a separate

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has analyzed cigarettes is Dr. Ledaux, who last winter pre-

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which affects either surface of the cartilage from the

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difficulty, and some assert the impossibihcy of curing

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tion : when thi- patient (iesires to tell you how tlie cow

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moving, as if it was confined to certain muscles, especially at

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than ten years' experience in the handling of cases of

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2d. The other cause is not less important, and in a large proportion of

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17 (1) Off memo, signed by Col H. D. Ofl'utt, 9 Nov

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became bankrupt, and rests in the eternal sleep of deathrin

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nervous system, and occurs with convergence of the ocular

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taking of large doses, provided that restoratives and good food

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Read before the Conference on Industrial Health (under the

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rapid. In cases of this kind it sometimes happens that extensive tracts

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MD, Clinical Assistant Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine, New York

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is substantially the same as similar laws in force in twenty

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their only relief in smallpox in Burmah, but that it is always attended

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(3) Pyemia may be excluded by antiseptic measures. (4) Fever, generally

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and in a less degree in other amputations of this limb, by con-

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Stone, and the entire cancellated structure extending through the trochanters, the neck

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occipital headache and the "neuritis" pains in the arms. When

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which were nearly identical with the results obtained with the fresh

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vision, no giddiness — in short, no therapeutic action. The tincture

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such abscesses have disappeared have never suffered

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by the employment of the cold or the warm process ; the

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done so much for humanity as Dr. Reed. His discovery results

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to the wishes of our author, to have live fish brought to his

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was not recurrence after removal of a cancerous breast

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i beginning of the stage of irritation the abscess br«)ke,

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after the occurrence, there may be rigidity giving place to dis-

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quite an exceptional way of disposing of the dead — if the

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and pus were expectorated, and he died May Sd, three weeks after the extirpation.

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of certain medicines, such as Hellebore in Cholera, Rheum

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