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the various abnormalities that may exist as a result of the remains

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found by Dr. Willard in 1865. As the law stands at pres-

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linke oder das rechte Auge bei den Berg- und Hiittenarbei-

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the first bowl for three or four minutes, then strain it

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against sickness. The law of 1883 made it compulsory on all

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require common antiphlogistic treatment; bad cases de-

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Loring truly said, "With it, it is like walking into

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It was completely avirulent. Elser and Huntoon (2) found that colonies of dif-

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obtained by gastroenterostomy in a case of carcinoma of the

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the un>'.atisfactory results which usually follow the treatment of these

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believes this state more " comfortable." He is of regular habits,

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ship. A part of what I gathered, however, was afforded

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Db. S. Sherwell, in his paper, said that the most common

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the disfigurement, and the dangers of spreading the contagion are

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toxigenic strains of Corynebacterium diphtheriae. Spread

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mark, and did not subsequently express any annoyance from it, the symptoms

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drank a quarter liter of whisky. This was shortly followed by dizziness,

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though his bibliography contains references to it. His

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2. Valente CM. Sobal J. Muncic HL, et al: Health promotion Physicians' be

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own beasts in Paris have to spend a limited portion of their

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Amount. — If the urine of twenty -four hours be collected from a

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t A good plan is to turn the body gently over for a few

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society than you are likely to suppose : men and women

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The quinine tannate chocolates are, of course, only used for

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urethritis has been healed, hut it is far more probable that

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In a recent article Rost states that he thinks there is evidence to show that the,

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swollen, red, and several sinuses upon the shaft of the tibia,

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