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programs, and treatment programs. These changes have
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is out of place. Painted walls or washable wall papers are convenient, as
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enteen years. In that case, the patient died, hectical and emaci-
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fluenza, by A. C. Coles; (I) The Pathology of Milk; (2) A Few Un-
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are not complicated with uraemia. If you leave this University with
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than 30 seconds, despite intact abduction and opposition
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Etiology and Pathology. — Conditions that produce an alkaline ftr-
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tion of P, glaucum is so vague as to include all green Penicillia. In
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the characteristics of paratyphoid fever, its more abrupt onset,
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W. Oakley, of N. J.; Prosper M. Wetmore, ; °^ *^%^°7'""°°' , . ^ .
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its muscular wall. But here again the proportions of
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ment requested, because one of the Managers had made
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a dilapidated condition, are very foul, and should be
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plied is appreciated when one remembers that chloroform in
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however, no adequate and well-controlled studies in pregnant
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without Deformity or Lameness. — Augustus Simpkins, of Pike County,
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the process is usually limited to a decided hypersemia, an inflammatoiy
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of Ephraim McDowell. All honor to this honest, great, wise, heroic,
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the hope that it may perhaps give us some insight into the exciting
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Resolved, That the Dane County Medical Society imqualifledly condemns
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does his work right along. He had an interesting complication
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dominated by the features of abscess formation. When the embolus
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again, the patients complain of pain in the nose, with in some cases distinct
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much too general and did not address crucial factors that
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but the magnitude of the boon confeiTcd is so great, and the proportionate
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carbonic acid the stomach is so much more tolerant of it. We havelfound
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As found it consists of a small, round ball, wrapped
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Lancet, Lond., 1885, i, 178.— lies (D.) Death after ether
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patient in bed. Arsenic had no observable effect upon the sever-
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strated in the protoza the etiology of scarlet fever and that the
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^ The homoeopathic medical profession in Germany is to be
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ing that terrific struggle to an early termination.

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