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Flexner, Kanthack and Stevens, and others) . Flexner and Anderson

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some of the facts bearing upon this interesting question.

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half per cent.) and caffeine (four per cent.), and the benzoate

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pulse 120, temperature 102°, and general aspect as

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2. Presidential Address on the State Octopus and the Medical

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Diagnosis. Let me define again the main points: Raynaud's disease

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afterwards cerebro-spinal fluid began to flow freely from one

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B.Sc, Birmingham. (Six months' laboratory course of hygienic chemistry; a

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Nitre is a diuretic, and acts, moreover, decidedly on

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tion to this branch of medicine, by referrmg at length to the work

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world, working out his principles and practice will

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The President, Dr. Butler, read an able and very interesting address,

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numeral seven is a whole metaphor in itself. For seven cows

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the eye steady. The sclerotome is withdrawn slowly, and gen-

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before his illness, had complained of pains in the left ear, followed by discharge. The

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flap is apt to slough ; certainly in proportion to the

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tion and study of objects of comparatively trivial importance and of a

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may refuse to agglutinate in low dilutions, such as 1-100, but aggluti-

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Of recent years the literature has been rich in discussions of

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strument for its application. By Dr. G. Hewitt, (pp. 27-30.)

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ter to wash these articles separately, and only after having been

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cessive tenderness of the organ. In my own case, the slightest pressure

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and demonstrate the grave importance of accurate inquiry as to the phys-

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gruel. Eepeat in 8 or 10 hours, giving half the quantity

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ing efforts, morphine had better be employed; ice-bags may be applied

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may be a spinal type of general paralysis, in which the patient exhibits

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damp linen or clothing not well aired, are the most frequent causes.

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visit to Edinburgh, it is stated, ' during the last six or eight years* neither the medical

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