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arc light better in anaemia and chlorosis, and, for that mat-
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demanded operation tJie disease was rarely so limited as to be
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ment and apprehension, and a short analysis of the personalities of
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Henri Victor Regnault and Antoine Cesar Becquerel, both
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the first time on a large scale. The success attending the enforce-
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the return of the chlorides (chloride of sodium chiefly) to the urine
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have pinned their faith to the "oculist-optician," receiving
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Pcrituiisillar Ahcess. — Many instances have occurred in which the
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being almost entirely furfuraceous. But these mild cases may be fol-
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perishable and nonperishable) ; (4) plans for and extent of local
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applied to typhoid fever and erysipelas; and we must call to our aid
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examinations of the urine. By this means an acute congestion of
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for frontal, sphenoidal, and ethmoidal catarrhal secretions.
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Afedical— Mr. E. S. Norris. Surgical — Mr. C. H. Newby.
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Mercuric chlorid accomplishes this result in a dilution
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out edges, which are seldom undermined. Around the ulcer is a sharply
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and only ten in the latter ; this richness in nervous mate-
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by any irritating fluids, but even by gaseous bodies.
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(which is not always the case), the outer layer of the epidermis is ele-
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and consequently add to the interest of the reader. The idea of the publishers
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Art. XV. — Case of Congenital Absence of the Iris in both Eyes {Iridere-
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disturbance in any of these cases. Subsequent cases showed similar fundus
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serums used in the present experiments, however, showed fixation
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since if pus were present it would produce a clot which
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as renders life unendurable, not to allow ourselves to be
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bichlorid 1-1,000 and then fuming nitric acid applied on a glass
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indeed, the words '< American Ambulance " appear on
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and treated it accordingly with the application of leeches,
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need to know what the limits are. The discourse panders to
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They may seem to resemble rickety bones, but they show no proliferation
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disease Avas caused by Filaria perstans and found its advocate in Sir
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resumed a fortnight later, but the patient objected to the strict diet. He now considered
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to illustrate the susceptibility of the temperature in children
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can be done to conserve the energy of the patient is of direct
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reside permanently at any one mill, but move from mill to mill as
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The small bowel is usually normal, but may be hypersemic or,
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technique of cooking, etc. — are such as to adapt the book to
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opinion seems to be : Use cleanliness severely, and

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