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age, who gave a history of chronic nephritis for four
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the sacrum, the trocanters, and the heels. In mild cases there is simply
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that this variability is due to movements of torsion of the tumor
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causing the hrst fever. Repeated infections are the great cause of
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will often fail, almost invariably if their bowels be ex-
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passed through the stopper, so that the position F is
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mastoiditis without any otorrhcea ; inflammation occurs in the
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with menthol, thymol, phenol, or chloral hydrate, liquefac-
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dent. I operated a few cases of appendicitis, cases in which the patient
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The «]rstocele was reduced in the manner described in the
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pamphlet, which certainly reflects no little credit
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had seen them following acute otitis, when they seemed
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with much slighter causes than those that occasioned the primary one.
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the central nervous system. The number of serum administrations varied from
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versive of the best interests of the Profession. The case may
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Later motor excitement developed and paralysis of the right
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antiseptic and aseptic methods applied to the paths along
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instructions in the Manual for the Medical Department or in accordance with
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The right fullopian tube was dug out und 6. En this case was the operation jut
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1. Castellani, A., and Chalmers, A. J. : Manual of Tropi-
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Other Cardiovascular Agents: VASOTEC has been used concomitantly with beta-adrenergic-blocking agents, methyl-
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push it very far. But whatever I mighty have felt at liberty to do,
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\U.^ A\\ and mucous surfaces are common; (4) There are
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in the form of mesothoriura, thorium X, and radio-thorium, there
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ing cane sugar for maltose. Around streaks of B. coli
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tuberculin, though we can make no announcement about them at present.
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paralysis. The animal becomes very weak, the respiration
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a matter of doubt. The author discusses the subject of cystic
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of the brain and septic phenomena occasionally occur. As a rule, how-
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present President. Cholera never has appeared. Yellow-
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are scarcely more dependent on the hepatised lung, as to time and
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tent to command as were those at the head of the armies, and in
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Impure Foods in Pittsburg. — According to newspaper

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