Vitaros Russia

reported as cases. *E.E.— The estimated expectancy rep-
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of certain medicines, such as Hellebore in Cholera, Rheum
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Wednesday... St. Mary's, 1 p.m.— Middlesex, 1 p.m.— University
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26th. His Royal Highness is now a full-fledged, all-
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therefore, is not yet definitely settled as to the exact nature of
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Rcimcrs (iE. ) Removable and adjustable water-proof
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with effusion. When the latter condition is associated and in massive pneu-
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Treatment of the Itch in Children. — Dr. A. Monti has made
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only in this country but abroad, for the very kind and
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Herzon FS: Permucosal needle drainage of peritonsillar abscesses: A five-year
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Thornton, William H., 572 Niagara St., Buffalo, Erie Co.
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contagion can not be denied. The mind is affected by imitative influ-
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trol, proper legislation will follow slowly as the pro-
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et. The commotion has ceased by this, and all is hushed in
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sary to elicit certain standard responses to that stimulus, would
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friends and relatives who once shared their joys and who are no longer with them
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us opposed to so-called typical resections of the elbow joint for
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The pain during its application was very considerable; yet, as it was not
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caused great pain ; but the patient was able to bear it, and the
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resistance. Hypertrophy is apt to prevail when there is
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$2,500 behind. While the money is in sight to almost liquidate that
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the upper air-passages it is best treated by topical applications. The fol-
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the integument ensues, a soft fluctuating tumor makes its appearance over
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rectum, and with each pain draw the whole perineal body
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practice ; but when it occurs it is very fatal. The erysipelatous flush
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however, the oontagium oilen proves wonderfully tenacious of life, and
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deadly paleness and coldness were over his whole body ; pulse scarcely
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tical employment, to try a series of experiments with it. These have resulted
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a while, but it recurs; and patients, for iustance, with

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