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man falls from a street car and strikes his head upon the ground ;

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but hope soon to have the opportunity of doing so. These cases are

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mena of ic I ads. The sun's rays falling nearly vertically at the

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ciated with digitalis administration; a rate of ventricle which exceeded

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other babies. This weakness disappeared, and he became able to run

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rently of a good constitution, but intemperate in her

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they are not like well-known forms of mental disease,

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loss how to select evidence to show that there is no acclimation against the

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ducts — those of the prostate, of Cowper's glands,

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greatly with different people, but not so severe as

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the course of Clinical Surgery in Edinburgh, which I have

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of two cases of diabetes, in which softening of the cord, with other changes, were

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debted to the able researches of Dr. George Johnson ; the

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was unknown. There was thirst, loss of ^^ retained for more than forty-eight hours,

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ject he discusses very fully the topics of age and physical development as bear-

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moment, and the action ceases for a shorter or longer period. It is enough, he says,

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Water by Pero.xide of Chlorine,' by George A. Soper.

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following day, but may not reach its maximum till later. These results

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Well-Equipped Laboratories, "^pr^odtd Hospj,tq,l..Facilittes':*and" Abundance of

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toneal Haemorrhage from an Extension in the Right Mesosalpinx. By

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namely, a supply of shirts, socks, drawers and shoes. All of tliese

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With regard to the second proposition with which I started, vfe : — by

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L be formed by the direct cleavage of proteids by bacteria ; in fact

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into the vagina and occasion pruritus with leucorrha3a. The diagnosis is

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saline on the second day, using an ^nema when the desire for stool is ielt. The

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between the scapuIsB. She had another slight convulsion about two hours after

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The left eye is covered and the vision of the right eye recorded in

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Binet-Simon scale giving him an intelligence quotient of 75

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civil life, and even now there are health officers who carry out the old

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We are informed that some few weeks must necessarily elapse before

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may refuse to agglutinate in low dilutions, such as 1-100, but aggluti-

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