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tion of a hospital for the incipient cases. He asked
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duced only the proliferative lesion. This gradual fall of virulence
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conclusively proven. Their experiments require repetition and confirmation
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had a lobulated papillary mass, 4 X 2J2 ctm in size,
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careful in this respect as the operator himself, for even if they do not
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pursuing this course, it gives momentary relief and saves the
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be secured, which would not only greatly aid the management
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was also a quick falling off, even while the typhoid curve was still rising.
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loss of nervous tone, and loss of nervous tone by depressed
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ment, on his part, that he had not succeeded in de-
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further, his resolutions embodied a plan for securing
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on the left side as a pulsating tumour about the second left cartilage. If
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The inflammatory changes in the cutis are also more pronounced ;
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1863. Feb. 18. Chronic Arachnitis; Death from Effusion, etc. — Dr.
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Such methods cannot be applied in dry pleurisy, but careful clinical
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incident to stasis of the systemic venous or the portal system.
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faculty of excreting urea remaining intact. It is an interesting fact that
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technique assures you complete control of costs and scheduling
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It is frequently stated that a man who engages iu |i
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of this subject, but to first briefly outline and then pass to
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might attack any part of the blood circulation disturbed by
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the proposed change in the laws affecting the control
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and the subject at a point where the X-ray must pass through
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perforation. Similar tenderness and rigidity of the
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son's womb sound, which should be passed into the uterus with
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life. Its cause is not always known, though traumatism
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festations are as severe as the former ones, or even more severe, but
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it is distributed ; that the left vagus nerve on the other hand pro-
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Source of Curare (Woorara). — Dr. Jobert, writing
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upper part of the ascending parietal convolution, the anterior part of the
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fee brain, and that insensibility and other fatal symptoms began to mam-
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exercise are proving most valuable in this connection.
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the region of the nacal eminence and below it. The main tumor
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strikingly seen a few hours before death are such as are

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