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ability of the organisms to utilize certain carbohydrates, together with
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Phila., 1899. 9. s., ii, 174.— Hirkendall (J. S.) Enilepsy
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constantly with insufficiency of the- aortic valves, and
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Upon the question of the extent to which the duty of proving
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jections on the surface of the membrane, the newly-pro-
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the etiolog} of (Ins condition are interestingly discussed; while
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life, and iu wounds inflicted by other destructive forces.
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are not only medicinal, but absolutely pure as well as unique in their constituents,
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with other skirts affixed so as to avoid waist bindings, underskirts,
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tional outpouring of gastric juice and thus directly increasing the chlorid
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accidents have been known to happen. Particularly we warn the
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moves it from side to side. If relaxation of the muscles is slow to
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to adopt the terms peri-salpingitis and peri-oophoritis ; thus, in my
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the air. It is perfectly possible that the mouth in
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account of the drum being indrawn, and with thickenings, or
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tion of alveolar epithelium and an infiltration with leuko-
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thickness, does not present the spongy appearance of the cranial
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is a very desirable addition, as is also true of the condensation of
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base, lanceolate, entire, smooth and veined. Flowers
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history in the past and its progress in the present, and
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should maintain the uterus in position occurs most frequently in the
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two men had slept on shore one night at Port Praya, on the island of
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of a portion of the bronchial mucous membrane may give rise to great
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shaft, or is run down by a trolley car in the presence of witnesses,
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plugging remain in contact with the globe of the eye, inflam-
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EoVAL College of Sprgeons of England, 4 p.m. Prof. Flower's Lecture
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of herpes zoster that he had reported on the lir^t day of tho
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ekzema exists amongst us at the present day. This term is
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illustrations of this fact have come under my observation.
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An important distinction is between fatty growth and fatty degeneration.
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to found a study of the pathological changes set up by alcohol.
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Indervvick, a student of medicine of this city, the
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lus adds its toxins to the rest. Next, fermentation in-
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portant facts with respect to the causative relations existing between
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In tlu- ln)|)e of tlirowinj; some li^'lit on the pntliolofjy vesti<;ators are, first, tlnit the |)ro;,'rissive displacement
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lady physician of Chicago, Dr. Luella Day Underbill, urging
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more increased at the expense of the prickle-layer.

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