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fronte, and, as we shall endeavour subsequently to show, for the most

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are greatly distended, their walls and immediate vicinity infiltrated with

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specimens of which are here reproduced (Figs. 19 and 20),

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in this country, but it is far more agreeable, and (juite as

viviscal hair fibers dark brown

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that "the brometone appeared to have little influence upon the

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bodies are not kept in due subjection, as well as of some from whom

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sen practised also on two patients a most illustrative experi-

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January nth. — Only a few of the lesions were remain-

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ol^f- S/Cc yZ<^c^c/~ ^A^_j a£^ jC2^ux^\ tAt <ui Sl^d

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Moore, and Thomas have shown that the most common constituents of renal

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rather infrequent and we have had no deaths so far in

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was controlled without difficulty. The perineum was ruptured to the

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even as for as the eighth rib, with displacement outward. Percussioji

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or two of blood the lymph is to be applied over the scarified spots which

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causes explaining their occurrence, and by the indefinite or anomalous char-

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the anus. Sometimes it takes a great deal of patient work to

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in her back, and there is nothing left for her but a pessary

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entered there ; but gentle pressure below the wound and somewhat

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editorial board and over 80 contributors. 252 illus., 129 in

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The circwnscrihed variety presents a similar type of symptoms, although

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unanimously reaffirmed, and on December 17th, 1908, the Board

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lungs, the patient has usually passed from a state of

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can readily see what a tremendous injustice is done annually to

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shall, with the manufacturer's aid, fix a standard for it' upon

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usually put upon symptoms as indications for treatment, as not to justify any

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(F. 538) may be given. The eliminative action of the

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Treves' System of Surgery. 2 vols. Clinical Gynaecology, hy Keating and

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appetite is poor, and dyspepsia, followed later by nausea and

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at end of six weeks, accompanied with pain, from whict

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defeat the real object for which it should become a

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