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latter are embraced instances of negligence, want of due
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The day of the low-price ear costing less than $1,000 has come
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In Arklow, Dr. Wright mentions, that scarlatina has been very preva-
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1 . Graf R: Guide to Sonography of the Infant Hip. Stuttgart, Germany:
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seated on a chair, the water falls on all parts of his body
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toxins, but of the anti-bodies (Pfeiffer, Grubler, Durham, etc.), and
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cephalus internus, where a quantity of water is coUefted in the
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But the parviflorum, when growing upon a light sandy soil, —
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potassium or sodium iodide, not only gives as much promise
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24th. — Three movements during the night. Retains
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after the operation, it was found to be covered with pha-
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has demonstrated that the microscopic diagnosis can be
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Physiology, — i. By what means is the exchange of gases
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The excessive use of alcoholic stimulants causes a condition of
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E. E. TuU ; Treasurer, Dr. J. Lee Morrill ; Pathologist,
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1889 Rolleston, Humphry Davy, M.A., M.I)., 55, Upper Brook Street,
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will inevitably uncover to the recognition of both profession and peo-
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d. Cong. d. Ass. oftal. ital. 1895, Pavia, 1896, xiv, 333-335.
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and the nurse has no notion how to keep the child quiet and yet
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■weeks the uterus measured 3 inches. Menstruation
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receive from ten to fifteen minims of this solution, four times
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cases proved severe and the patients declared the treatment very
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of the median line and the pain is relieved by lying on the left side
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An additional argument in favor of the malarious origin of
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per cent. According to FrericJis^ the fat consists of olein and mai>
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ease, induced me soon to discard much of the stimulating plan of
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at least to justify iis in asking whether there are any a priori
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pulse is soft, or it yields to the slightest pressure. During the
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that I had succeeded in isolating ozone and antozone
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gists, and they have l)een unable to detect among them one fragment of a human
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the intermitted cases, he had never once found it sufficient
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to time. She is still taking Silica and Tui- 30, but is practically
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wards treated. A very feir representation of the sickness of
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for renal calculus lies in the fact that with the removal
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feet by 45 feet respectively ; another garden 126 feet by 84 feet,

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