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We have, then, here a disease with all the symptoms of
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the craniotomy instruments, has led, within the last century,
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certain bacilli (H. uu»S(»uterieus vid^atns?) by mixin<^tlie products
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satisfactory examination in graduating from the preliminary
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limited, owing to the comparative rarity of surgical operations
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luteum is inhibited or counteracted by some other factor— most
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Cut I. Left Bow-Leg resulting - from injury to condyle, corrected by
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found that the respiratory difficulty had subsided,
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experience, that the dose generally given is far too large. When the slate of
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Sjmaptoms. — These in general are much the same as in typhoid fever
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Perforation. — The incidence of this may vary greatly in different
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novelty of which was the fact that the comma-bacillus increased in
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should be first abated by local soothing and general sedative meas-
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increased; takes .80 Mag. night and morning. Puinls are still unequal.
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originally obtained (without prescription) for toothache. His daughter,
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that if sufficient time Avere allowed in the lock the disease would never
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of the calculi and the bougies used were shown. A mixture of
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eries were ninety-seven per cent., and in Bigelow's,
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in this, he extracted quickly, and had not lost a child.
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obstetrical practice, thought prevention as important as cure,
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due to the unremitting care and attention given him by
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ling. It is more especially advantageous in cases of spurious erysipelas
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demonstrate that between 8% and 34% are incontinent of
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sisted for three days, when, after violent straining, he passed a
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We talk of papular, vesicular, and pustular scabies ; whereas the scabies it-
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By the same Author. Just published, crown 8vo., 35. 6d.t
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