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diminish the ability to resist other diseases. If asthma secure, to a cer-
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instantly engraved by this process on steel, securing plates which will
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one whose powers of resistance are broken down by prolonged labor, by
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of a man like Dr. Mott, we should have no objection even though a fla-
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Indeed, the cases were quite indifferent as to the par-
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The consideration of Bright's disease under the main heads, is more in accordance
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Perhaps your correspondent will inform your readers
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Case III. — Mrs. W., aged 35, mother of three children,
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to the death-rates of the cities of London and Bristol during
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were lost. The patient having become pregnant for the sixth time,
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have ordered that for the future all engineer students and
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NIGHTINGALE'S (FLORENCE) Notes on Nursing. What it is, and
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Diagnosis— Prognosis — Treatment. — After what we have said concern-
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an extract or two from the recapitulation with which the sixth lecture concludes.
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turpentine test for hemoglobin was employed. Controls were made by
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The Core Problem: Finally, one reaches the center of the
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sidering the history of previous abdominal trouble, the
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Med., 8°, Lond., 1885, 419-593. — Warscliauer (J.) O
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According to Berzelius they are composed of a substance similar to
avena sativa lowers estrogen
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more accessible by a contract between the Department of
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down to the bottom of the fall and drink this same water.
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and then use a simple astringent consisting of one grain of crea-
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T. A. Stoughtenbursh, Esq. of Johnstown, has an east and west higli.
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jected to its influence. The rule, however, does not extend equally to animals
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about four ounces of urine. Artificial heat applied to the body had produced a free
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Impulse in epigastrium. The left side of the chest hardly
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great value of the study made by Lloyd, and its importance to phy-
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publication of the surgical history of the war, was made.
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d. Soc. fiorent. d' ig., Firenze, 1896-7, xiii, 19-26. — Beale
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McFarlane, Esq., M.D., one of the senior Surgeons on

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