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The less said of this book, the better. If its sale were surely limited

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Professor Quincke, of Kiel, contributes a paper on this subject to the Ber-

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patients, might do a better job. i: Others have made a case

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not been encouraging. Bills introduced on the recommendation of

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Secretary of State for Peace. This officer should have control over

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and should be freely given in accordance with the rules in other acute

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cases of cervical cancer, that upon withdrawal a chemical

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following technique. The insects, preserved in glycerine, were

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peculiar hard mass was seen to fill most of the interior of the

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examination, she appeared fairly nourished but anse-

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offers the least hope of recovery. If you should be suddenly called to a

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engorgement of the venous system, and a corresponding emptiness of

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gas. which escaped in a gurgling stream when the catheter was introduced.

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number of red blood-corpuscles, some granulated epithelial cells washed off"

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(c) The Organized Reserve has but one peace-time function,

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impairment of sensation of any one of the forms, from

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1057. R. lodinii tinctune, gtt, j-xx to aquae, f.,5j.

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patient, with cirrhosis of the liver, who afterward died of hasmate-

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of converting it into acetic acid by chromic acid. (He pro-

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creasing, we would advise the people to eat as much " ham and eggs '' as

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pamphlet, which certainly reflects no little credit

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active layers.'^ The existence of non-medullated fibres in the epi-

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Ariola(V.) Di alcuni trematodi di pesci marini. Boll,

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erance Hi pat i«'ii t ; quinine comes nexl ; and if these fail, can use bella-

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are all symptoms of a weak heart, from whatever cause. A pecu-

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80 per cent, began suddenly and 20 per cent, insidiously. The character

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(Noihing does more good than a mustard plaster over the region of the

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interference with the circulation through the branches

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F increase in the irritability of the nerve fibers that go to the

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others got them I had not, and the pains were never

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