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should be used. For this purpose I employ the following
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should be made at the outer edge of the sacrospinalis muscle — that is, about seven
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when passing along the street. They were forbidden to drink
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my clinical clerk, Mr. Dale, made of it. The warmth and sensation of the foot
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2. The association with arteriosclerosis and granular (arteriosclerotic)
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purposes. Time is the all important factor in the growth
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1st. — That the occurrence of appendicitis in children is much
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stration. This, however, has not been the case, although in
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Avoidance of the external irritating agents that i)redispose to the
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Olesen, Robert: Endemic goiter in Tennessee. Pub. Health
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directly upon them, thereby indicating not only their names,
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dlttsreace as regards congestion of the portions solidified. The solidified
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April), expresses the opinion that it is quite unnecessary to remove
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covering the gl«)be. The nostrils were imperforate, though the nasal
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vix, but below the cul de sac, and free from the utero-
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Everywhere, where there is capillaiy circulation, is arterial blood
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its end than the common Daviel's curette." Fc^llowing out this idea
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ous to prescribe morphia for women at the climacteric period. Formerly
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cases (thirteen cases: 133, 107, 108, 109, 85, 43, 44, 36, 41, 26, 5) there
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while my patient had three and four in one day, the fatal termina-
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lids ; and the only drawback to its use is that, if the nsevus be at all
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following method: Take a clean slide and make a vaseline line across it about i
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the patients have so far recovered that they have returned to
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slaughter of foreign fat cattle at the jiort of debark-
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because a constitutional ailment involves the whole fighting
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known to every such practitioner that lives are lost through
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work in surgery at Columbus and Chicago for the past ten weeks, is
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proceed to the free surface, we see all stages of degeneration of
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characteristics of the patient and of the "genius epidemicus."

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