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Three modes of withdrawal of the drug can be employed.
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ings, and lacerations, where decomposing tissues remain in
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The right to use the title “doctor” outside the field
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The methods employed consisted in the administration on the empty,
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Chelmsford, records an interesting case of a carter, who was
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9. Give causes and treatment of chronic osteomyelitis.
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of the electrical department. A great deal of the elec-
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every night in winter ; attack at once if rides bicycle, or lifts weight.
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time after death, and there is congestion of the posterior sur&oe of the
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that death supervened before necrobiosis had time to develop.
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and B. After thirty-eight days of fever defervescence
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As early as 1670, Robert Boyle, while experimenting
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suspected but not definitely demonstrable relations of syphilis.
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wards, he found his patient cured, but the needles were so rusted
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give evidence that they are not more to be feared than after the
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manifests no tenderness on pressure. The spleen is within the margin
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nor in malaria has the knowledge of the malarial parasite so far
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where the sulphates showed a higher ratio than one to eight
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knowledge, and save under very exceptional circumstances
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to determine accurately. The early results obtained by this method
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sulphate is to be preferred. In camp on account of the practical impos-
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but there was a soft, sodden appearance of the mucous
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fall of 1790, he became a student of Dr. W 7 illiam
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actively caused by the lesion of the postero-lateral column.
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the purpose of inclosing within them flues of six inches : thus we avoid
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much as possible, the limb left to rest in an easy position,
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for sloughing, which sometimes follows from the constric-
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derive great benefit from a rational application of the
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