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the wrist joint. Beck reports in nis paper 104 cases of fracture
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increased cardiac dulness transversely and to right from hypertrophy of the
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face. Metl. Age, Detroit, 1896, xiv, 132-134.— Brocq (L.)
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Marfan, of France, in the treatment of chorea. He claims that
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continued during a few pains will expel it from the vulva or
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Sporadic Cretinism. — Dr. L. Emmett Holt presented a boy
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be mentioned that the railway works, especially those in
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ing of the Branch in Brooklyn on the fourth Tuesday in May,
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areas will involve more than one spinal articulation.
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to be haemolysed so readily after splenectomy, this question
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carbonic acid be now absorbed by passing it through a solution of caustic soda,
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Whereas, if it were manifest to lawyers, especially to
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cilla, who up to this time was an active, healthy child, was seized with the ague, and
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ment of syphilitic aflVctions of the eye by mercury, pota.s-
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to these agents Rare episodes of hypersensitivity reacbons (eg. bronchospasm,
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gush of blood was profuse. He sat down upon the steps of a
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like thin jelly. In some of the softer parts, or where
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importance, but this number out of a total of about 1,000 cases attending
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new, unnamed septic alkaloid, which was not the sepsin, and the action
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example of a sex-limited disease is hemophilia, which affects males al-
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fensive, a position that is difficult to sustain, and unless
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to suspect a malarial influence, I i)rescribed a course of laxatives,
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protection of these dedicate organs ; and the various forms of these
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which are perhaps more direct. There is in every case
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Mitchell, and Wichmann ; but Steiner regarded the epidemic at Prague
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formly disagree, or are present in great part entirely
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the eves.] Zilorovje, St. Petersb.', 1883, x, no. 47, 3;"no. 48, 2;

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