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In children the dose should be 10-14 mg per kg per day

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lar substance, to which many leucocytes and red corpuscles adhere. These

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from the operation, with five exceptions, have remained quite well in

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containing the poison, and, secondly, to boil the liquid thus di-

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bean, but may be smaller or considerably larger. To the finger the spot

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marrow remains uninjured; and complicated when it is vio-

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his broken words of gratitude for the slightest token of kindness were

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that gonorrhoeal ophthalmia is nearly always severe. In

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surrounding structures ; the right ovary was normal in size and appear-

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(small): case in which twenty-seven and a half inches

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new, and are compared to the keel of a vessel just off

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the result of imagination, fear or grief, and the third caused by

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posed by Finlay. From their studies thus far of the

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and the fympathy of the veffels of the mouth with thofe of the

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placed the rat in the cage by means of long forceps grasp-

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The following is a summary of the patient's condition at dif-

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It attacks cattle principally, but may also be transmitted to sheep,

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liar to microscopists, but common to all observers and experimenters, viz: a

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but one of the consequences of abstinence, and if the tongue and gums are

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deed one ought to be very careful in ordering and com-

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to, and, after they liad been effectual, the rectum was filled with

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istered in solution in the compound decoction of sarsa-

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