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are very pale ; the brain and the sinuses are almost empty of blood.
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Official list of the changes of station and duties of commis-
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1899, XXX. 498-510.— Neil lianss ( R. ) Weitere Unter-
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include advanced age, family history, and apolipoprotein
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however, the thought occurs that perhaps the result
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eration undergo spontaneous cure, especially those in ad-
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the bleeding he recommends ligation of the brachial artery; this, we
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the name "Bright's disease" be used as a "convenient and non-prejudicial
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The doctor’s role in the management of disease is
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indications: Yocon® is indicated as a sympathicolytic and mydriatric. It may
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poison, but the mucous membrane seems incapable of absorbing it, this being
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be given with safety. Almost invariably the physician confuses the
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happened to the author of the process when it was tried upon
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Schools. — Frederic S. Lee, Richard M. Pearce and W. B.
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" While admitting the danger and evil results of the abuse of this
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includes Raynaud's important papers on " Local Asphyxia and
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Foster, First Lieutenant Charles L., assistant surgeon, now at Fortj
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a few remarks upon ulexine extracted by Gerard from
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Rheumatism— Etiology of, considered from Bacterial
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We owe a deep del)t of gratitude to the brave men who have
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upon four substances — the sulphate of thallin, the glyce-
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led these physicians to undertake the preparation of an
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Poynton and Paine, which is supposed to be the specific
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therefore reacts to impressions without thought and often with violence. Inti-
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do so speedily when fasting. Hence we can conceive the
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Imprint of soles of Slavonian farmer's wife who rarely wears shoes. Note adduction of great toe.
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of Hevea and of Castiltoa, It is insoluble in alco-
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ics have started drinking because they have no satis-
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soon looked upon by the teachers at school as dull and stupid,
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left adrenal. Thus both functional and morbid changes in the supra-
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traction, and the only reason it is not depended upon, is because
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Sternberg, of Berlin, Prussia, relates his favourable results in
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The portrait now before us, like its allies, is intended to
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A new building for the dispensary is being erected at

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