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out of his misery. If in the early stages, give good nourishing

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and duration of such interference varying with the nature and abruptness

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least amount of nitrogenous matters developed numerous tubers.

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gestion of the nervous centers might result from such indiscreet

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most constant symptoms, occurring in three fourths of the cases. At

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Moulds. Of other fungi which are occasionally observed, there

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TREATMENT. A most important object to be kept in view and

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Among these may be enumerated pus and blood corpuscles

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and takes a hundred and twenty milligrammes. Tliere are no

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parallel to old sewers of inadequate capacity, a>nd storm sewers are some-

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here, and was known to veterinaiy surgeons as osteo-

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ous development. Sterilized milk possesses the important

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some cases, and apparently only in those where the skin is broken,

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antimonials, or ipecacuanha, in the proportion before mention-

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the peculiar sensation of warmth wliich gradually sj)read from

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cent. This contrast is all the more striking when it is

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by the performance of a furgical operation, which never fails, if

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Otology, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia. With 244 Colored

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Fairbask -Meadows. —On December 27, at Sr. M.ary'3 Chureh. Hulme,

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cess; the bowel frequently coming down beside it. He had generally

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amount of the specific poison, but also of the charac-

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tralizing acids only when these acids are not already satisfied by the bases

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But it has been said that although Cassar may not have

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