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maximum of the hottest month — 89° — and the minimum of the

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order to make this plain, I have delineated in the accompanying

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reader who is entirely unversed in the technical language of medical

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Professor Ernst Wagner examined some specimens of the disease and found

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Fee: $25. Avera St. Luke’s, 305 S State St, Aberdeen, SD 57401 . Phone:605-622-5588. Fax:605-622-5670.

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experimental knowledge under the direction of the professor, in the lec-

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esses of the body, but eyestrain is such a peculiar dis-

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as highly momentous, and may result in lock-jaw, or, at all events, in

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a decided impression on the part to which the aura is referred, and the

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a student, he has received little or no instruction on the important

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very feverish. On admission, his temperature was 101"'4, respira-

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chorea. Wood, U. C. 200; the microbio origin of chorea, Dana. C.

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A record of the daily fluctuations in weight of this animal is given in

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which is not dependent upon distinct anatomic causes. Henoch! has

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" Holy Wars ;" but it was first particularly noticed in the crew of Vasco

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In a very large proportion of the cases the eruption does not occupy

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Case III. — Patrick McK ; Irish; single ; driver ;

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ing a rubefacient action followed by partial anaesthesia. It

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complete document ; it can not, in any way, justify the very

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had lite been prolonged. The meningitis following pneumonia is similar

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spheres. It would appear that such movements aa may not be primarily

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close watch on evolution at the wind up of one species and commence-

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Certain it is, however, that the disease does occur, characterized by

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space, so that some other cause, of which we cannot at present furnish an ex-

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however, that whatever is incorporated in any law governing

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P ilhda: Qui nice Snip fiat is. — Contain one grain each.

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associated with human T-lymphotropic virus type I: A clinical and seroepidemiolo-

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