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ficulties, he could not have selected other than that he has
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cocaine in the second degree, which was shown by the fact that
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Therapeutics. — A slightly stimulating diuretic ; used only for its
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Weissheit*** gegeben durch Johan Tholden. Lych, Ketzel, 1605.
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Columbus, O., read a paper with this title, in which he
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The term fomites is restricted to the transmission of the matter of con-
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successive operations were followed by 8 recoveries,
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suspected but not definitely demonstrable relations of syphilis.
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being caused by the languid pulmonary circulation. The
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pear, however, to be some difference in the temperature of different
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symptoms of neurasthenia, complaining of various dyspeptic
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where a liberal generosity seekim; an outlet for its philanthropic benev-
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most severe in the hip, at the knee, at the heel, or may include
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here as in cases of pulmonary tuberculosis, namely, inasmuch as the object
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their exit through the articular cartilage, there is a
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absorptive and bactericidal powers of the peritoneum. The presence
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published statements of a large number of poultry raisers
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its early stage. Within the past few years, however, autopsies have
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iris, veal suet, or the fat of a goat's kidneys, of viscum (28), of each p. X- i^'-
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and Finkler in dogs and rabbits, have as yet given no
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health. Accordingly it was agreed that Dr. Maton should see
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terest. All articles and correspondence should be sent to the Editorial
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who have other genome defects located in the same region.
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advisability of refusing to admit the very cases which, at present,
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and the distension is rendered permanent by changes in the tex-
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creav, sweeten to taste and bake on a small dish. When
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by the regulations, before carrying the subjects to
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value found by Bloor^* for normal men was 0.21 per cent, and for

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