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convulsions and symptoms^ of indigestion, to which he
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capacious vagina, and to obviate the necessity for resorting to
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or neutral salts, it^ being understood that, in the
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was the first, I believe, to be affected with the cattle-
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the duties of head of the sanitary branch of the Army Mtdical
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In this way, even in the absence of presystolic and diastolic murmurs,
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as the fluid was repeatedly sterile on culture. The effusion is
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does not show any special features. One patient admitted in the second
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where R is 3x3 rotation matrix, T is a translation vector (3x1 column matrix), and N; is
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lence OF Rabies in Great Britain. The figures in the cross-hatching indicate the
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the Jaw backward to the stemo-eleido-mastold muscle and below,
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mal' radiation according to the way we observe it. Heat
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Squier (Jour. A. M. A.. December 2, 1911) erized specimens showed blood, hyaline,
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properties and that it does not affect the absorption of toxins.
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and is not usually great in amount. The reaction of degeneration appears
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pncea, a high tem[)erature, and extreme prostration. Death took place within a
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eat centra] figure. I referto that celebrated Vienna phy-
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geal and pneumogastric are especially exposed to pressure. In one
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in relation to the performance of clitoridectomy by Sir. I.
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"^ OD (35^ aa oT 00 LO r-I" oT lo CO CD <N oT t> oT r-T m ""Sir 10^
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which heredity plays so important a part, are undoubtedly on the
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nnnie of his friend ;ind follow-student, !Mr. Freyer.
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position of stability free from tension is re- of a joint. (17) In the repair of bone de-
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is that it is an apoplectic attack. It is of great importance to tell whether the

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