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of energy, and that consequently only the income and outgo of water

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same; has had infusion of serpentaria instead of quinia lately. 24. — Rather

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population of Bengal can obtain a dose of quinine at the nearest post-office

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they are by no means hopeless. For instance, in four

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the aortic cusps are thickened and contracted; the left

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volume before us, and will leave the reader to decide whether he will discard

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remain as such for a time, or, possibly, pass through a small series

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carditis arose, during the progress of acute pleuro-pneumonia,

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The library reading was much better than that of last year. I know that the

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of the disease. Some of the reasons for this view have been given in the

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convulsions the temperature may rise, but afterwards it is mostly sub-

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properties, by means of which the energy of the system is recruited.

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in intestinal obstruction, so far as the red cells and hemoglobin are

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drawn down towards chest, leaving the mouth open. Almost constantly

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age of 1 5 two fractures were followed by osteitis fibrosa. Such

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and occasionally also fatty granules, in more or less abundance, occupy

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Andrew A. Pringos, Little Rock; Ben N. Saltzman, Little

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of Dorchester, Mass. Utica, 1850. (From the Author.)

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In his: Med. Mem. [etc.], 8°, Loiid., 1774, 1-118.— Masaie

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moves it from side to side. If relaxation of the muscles is slow to

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3. For hip bone ache or sciatica , take some portion

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The general impression of the prof ess^ion has been that it is not

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tongue. Hfemorrhage was so copious that the blood was

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the jury. It is certain, however, that such a refusal would not prevent

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of this very moderate increase in both red and white

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sion. In a vast place like London there are probably enough

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