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like thin jelly. In some of the softer parts, or where

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liberal supply of good, wholesome food, will be all that is required,

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culty of speaking precisely about such momentary occurrences

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— These, of greater or less severity, are among the commonest and

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teresting subject of Maldevelopment of the Head and

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was oedema of the periphery of the nerve with some swelling of

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monia. 3. "The intense erysipelatous reddening and swelling of the

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treatment; cliaical sketch.! Mertitsiiia, St. Petersl)., 1898,

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stomach. Also, in cases of debility, or strumous habit,

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1865 Foster, John Bunyan, 66, Upper Charlotte- street ^

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according to the success or failure of their candidates.

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shop of our modem apothecary, one is almost induced to

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the present year this figure will doubtless be much reduced. The

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plaster; Gallant a corset made to fit the patient and laced from below

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p.s.i boost to horsepower

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which has been recorded by Dr. A. Buchanan of Glasgow.* On examin-

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surgery. A radical operation in a patient suffering from serious

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order to be able to appreciate the treatment to which we will refer

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make my morning call on the fourth day with a good deal of

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tells me he has run a splinter of wood, or possibly

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disease, even with weak currents, the contraction lasts longer than in health ;

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between the ages of 6 and 21 ; in Germany, 51.0, or a

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primary subjects, he has simply one year left to him in which to prepare all the theory and

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different objects are to be aimed at and two entirely

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predict the approach of a whooping<x>ugh at this stage of its devdop-

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months, the practice of a public Dispensary specially recog-

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disease forms, notwithstanding its crudeness in certain

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none was needed. At my visit next morning the transition was wonderful.

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iu ocnlistica. Gior. d. r. Accad. di med. di Torino, 1885,

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basis have been reported by Heifer, Mobius, and Herzfeld. Exoph-

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u operation is contemplated, the exact anatomist is

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\''hen needed it is melted and poured into sterilized Petri dishes in a

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certain circumstances, furnish puriform elements. But here,

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Synonym. — Granati radicis cortex, B.P. ; ecorce de la

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the text-books on surgery and ()])erative surgery, but the

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headache, or more exactly a sort of heavy feeling in the head with a

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serous membrane investing the lungs, inflammation seated in the pul-

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riggers and saihnakers are tuning the wires and mending torn fabric ;

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peritoneal cavity, the appendix should be through tonsillitis with anomalous rash to

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had remained aseptic throughout, was solidly healed,

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