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15 attended with the constant generation of a larger supply of motor force, than is necessary
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ment. Further, I have carefully watched the progress it has made in
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cessfully performed ovariotomy, tying two arteries in the
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cases of insanity differ from each other only in degree - the two first bein*
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head of the ranks of the profession, and gynaecologists of
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ment this by salines, while others do well upon this
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large quantities of the vegetable acids and boric acid tend to
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stained with the golden purple of Cassius or a similar pigment,
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the Wolffian Body. (To be continued.) Samuel W. Band-
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Allow me to present you with the gavel. I hope and feel sure that you
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Nature's peace, and yet the intermittent shriek-like moan of a shell, the
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Cholera, Immunity and Susceptibility with Reference to, 277
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considered a discredit to a man who is needed and would
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In many traditions, customs and peculiar relations to the public,
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maintained themselves in good health, during sickly seasons, by inha-
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showed : R £., j^ ; tension + i ; blood in anterior
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soluble only in 189 parts of cold water, more soluble in
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within the first few days of their existence — subject to disease of
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French physician, M. G. Bu6, has stated that the general
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conclusive test of merit is the small number of the
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cause relaxation or disease of the vagina, congestion, induration, and hyper-
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The Paris correspondent of the Lirili/ Xcws, writing on the 2nd
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funds and by reason of the expensiveness of chemical
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Healing took place in the course of a week without the smallest
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uterine disease were, in the main, right, and his treatment, on
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of inflamed parts, the higher degree of sensibility and of irrita-
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what we see upon physiological principles, there is something analogous
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dyes. Good results are obtained by stirring for 5 to 10 minutes in a
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mur wiili rhythniicul wliifTs corrospoiidinj? to tlie systole lieard over the
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blood. Yet so perfect is the balance of sanguification and elimi-
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The following is a resume of the case as furnished by
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ease, if the local symptoms do not urgently call for immediate relief^
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glottis was but little affected. It was free from ulceration, and only very

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