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and 22,000 feet. While complete records are not in, the results so

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oscillated from normal for a degree or two each night, l)ut

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fever, and Hud the mortality from three per cent, to

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failures he attribates them to a lack of thoronghness in the pro-

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"March 15, 1881. — At this date, rather more than a fort-

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certain number of years only about 300,000 negroes, thougli

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realise how much useful information we must have missed when we

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which it was introduced to supplant. (8) The combination of an anti-

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218 MISSOURI MEDICINE/April 1988 — Vol. 85, No. 4

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appearance of the pharyngeal processes definite conclu'^ions in regard

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a report of 394 cases in unvaccinated French Canadians, with

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commonly used antiperiodies in the treatment of Indian

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and legs, and accompanied by unbearable itching. The gastro-intestinal symp-

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advisers we shall first endeavor rationally to change

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dermic, a H.M.C. tablet. At 5 a. m. the next morning his mother

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my possession, presented by Mr. Stevenson of Newcastle, with

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them as to the hidden things of the future. And we have one

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which it condenms absolute isolation in preventing the

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seems to be much less than one would expect from liis appear-

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tient was placed in the tub, but, although delirium

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are better for representing disturbances which affect a large part of the entire body

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in London, so that even in the 17th century — as late as that — there were

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ammonia injection was to make the animal much worse. 3.10. —

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that her relatives will hear regularly from the nurse or physi-

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in the tumor; another died some days after the operation, from the fright caused

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nority to block the wheels of legislation ; but there

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Tuxpam in 1867, and found this preventive inoculation

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belly enlarges, becomes tight and tympanitic ; and fluctuation is

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tribute handsomely and will devote to it the proceeds of a

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have influenced the results more than the treatment. \Yithout fuller

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troduced by a friend of mine to a lady who had been a famous

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tory adhesions, were loops of the ileum, the side of the ctecum,

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