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The acarus was known to the Arab Abenzoar, who died 1162,

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in ordinary cases of chronic bronchitis, with Laennec s emphy-

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was present and sepsis occurred in 10 days. The seventh and

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som, physician and philanthropist in the truest sense.

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dry enough to suit you, keep the juice squeezed out separ-

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from these diseases in the other quarter of each 3'ear was as

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hematopoiesis to the megaloblastic state. On four occa-

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quent occurrence, that he at one time proposed the name of pythogenic fever

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the tonsil with forceps and then cut off the different pieces

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the cyst fluid into the cavity, he irrigated with two or three

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science and experience teach us that sexual derange-

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that part of the cycle undergone in the blood of the Verte-

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moreover, that syphilis may disappear spontaneously in the absence of any

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sutlers from hypochondria. The discharge is to be distinguished

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General Education held by some of the Qualify ing Bodies,

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is therefore to be looked for in the early periods of the mercurial

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has somewhat paradoxically but happily said, the man of middle years in

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Hose, Dr. E. C, on radical cure of fistula in ano 187

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pulse. 120; respirations, 60. No cough. No pain. Child was

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