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patients treated for one year or more. VASOTEC has been found to be generally well tolerated in controlled clinical trials

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of possible disease of the spine should be examined

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layer presents two superimposed zones of different aspects.

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after an epileptic fit. Word-blindness, word-deafness, motor vocal aphasia,

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and a half years, the oldest being five and a quarter

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grains of acid every two hours gave perfect relief in twenty-four hours. Con-

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the operation wound. Cattle often transmit the disease to pigs

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besides, he did not believe that high altiiude of it-

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a considerable proportion, amounting to nearly one-

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the first, after a short mterval, may be called the true rekpse •

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the popular use of the word " sensation " as a synonym for the minor

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severest cases of remittent fever, no exacerbation appearing after the

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was no such thing as " catarrhal appendicitis," he presented an appen-

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rapid and feeble, the blood pressure being extremely low. The mouth becomes dry,

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man at the distance of 12 yards did not appear, she said, above

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I have lately used the same local application to the perineum in a case

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course of h)rpodermics. Of course emetine cannot cure the ulcerative

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building is provided with pipe-water and with water-closets in all its stories.

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massive cataphoric diffusion of the nascent electrolytic salts of mercury.

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I5randy-and-Water may be now and then taken. When diarrhoea

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associated. The condition may go on for a long time, even

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sects, as if they had some direct bearing on the disease.

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gelatinous exudation, which may be almost transparent, or stained with

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were all sound, and no ligature to be detected ; it had probably

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wherever it is possible for it to occur in the respiratory

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Birmingham ought to be able to support such a place of

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A somewhat similar case is detailed as having occurred be-

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closed vestibufe! as'dldlhf otJfers"' *'''°' '=«°-<l--tly the rear door led to an

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