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the must charming month of the year, and " then, if ever, come per-

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serves" for the winter months, the fact of having safe "preserves," as to health, is

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less frequent, that it is apt to occur earlier, and that many of the

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omy. The new college is to be called the Medical De-

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paid within aix months, and $4,00 if not paid within the ycat.~Po3tagc the same as for a newspaper.

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Dispensary will be adopted here, the patients classified and treated by men

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Isolated cancerous disease of the pericardium is also

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continued until twenty-two minutes after the injection, when all

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This is not a bit of therapeutic nihilism nor am I, in

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name like that, mint, add thereto sulphur and vinegar,

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surgeon, to duty at Fort Riley, is amended so as to direct Major

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A later examination of urine and feces showed the following:

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pork in relation to the prevalence of tapeworm, I have no

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demic fi-vi-r iu the Island of Dominica; preceded by au

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then have to bid adieu to all hope of progress in the developments of our

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of them which is engaged in secretion, is easily shown. As soon as

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riod. I trust that, whatever may have been the opinion of

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tion that there is an extension of the oedema at the

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tributed little or nothing to this important subject.

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and is in progress. New general Hospitals, and Hospitals for

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During the next four weeks, the free application of the

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** Mrs. B., a young married woman, aged twenty-four, who had never been

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irresponsibility, that proof shall be forthcoming, not only of

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peating the story, " heerd ever ye the like o't % The niuckle wife

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physicians to take the entire System. This seems to us in many cases to be undesirable.

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tem of medicine. If it bo quackery, and if the medicines are altogether

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The character of the second inflammation occurring in the x-rayed area was

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removed by filtration through animal charcoal. All sorts of

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into trouble. If smell is not correct, taste is much interfered with, and

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however, the term has a legitimate use, and, although it is hardly capable of

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is the most usual way — viz., by a loss of temporal field which first

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friend, and he decided to remove it. This was accomplished at

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tions. Dr. O. Hewitt adds the caution that the discharge may

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This journal endeavors to mirror the progress of the profession of California,

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