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either side. The nniscles of the upper part of the right upper
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season permits, to tents in the open pine lands. It is perennial in the
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le of gold in water. There is no particular virtue in
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the offices they may have held in the Association, and in case
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inflammatory condition of the adenoids combined with increased mucus or
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1886, xliv, 38-41. . Laryngeal vertigo, Internat. M.
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as some one about the institution could act as friend, all bodies
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and pus were expectorated, and he died May Sd, three weeks after the extirpation.
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Second District — William Govan, of Rockland county.
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to object, either here or elsewhere, to local treat-
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no doubt that Dr Johnson was in error when he endeavoured to trace all the
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A patient has suffered for a year or for eighteen months from Cruveilhier'a ulcus
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This worm, called also ascan's veriniciclaris and commonly known as the
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practical importance warrants, and indeed it has scarcely
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of the appendix, let me hazard the proportion one in one
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and flavor it delicately with essence of anchovies, soy, walnut,
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swallowed forthwith. Six weeks later, Schwaben made
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health and efficiency I have described, the strange spectacle was
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of the writer of * The Thousand and One Nights.' Cairo possessed
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the large towns "; and we believe that we may take it as uni-
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may return to your constituent societies with a clear
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again opened carefully the first vesicle and charged twenty points. On
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cause to account for the condition, the patients being in
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of the stomach are constantly present, and with these either motor or secretory
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pressed against them so as to attenuate their structure. How
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the disease, unusual exertion, or other stimulant to the action of the
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welcomed on his return from Wiesbaden — where, as all
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to support himself. From boyhood ho had been solitary, moody,
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subject in nearly every instance where this implantation
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