Zyflamend Studies

:M Gill College. Montreal. Received Number for Felirnarv, 1840.

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or the hypogastrium ; but certain authors prefer pubic.

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lost sight of. There were three recurrences extirpation of all mammary cysts on gen-

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Art. XVI. — Practical Notes from Kilkenny County Infirmary. By

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assured a comfortable living. They had been enabled

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given by Theobald, is as follows : Anopheles macuUpennis Meigen

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liable ; but it is unnecessary for me to do > have the example set them by their tutors,

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Dr Cimplifll Gnlde-s, Professor of Annlomy, \fGiU Univertily,

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taken into account in order to arrive at a diagnosis. The signs which accom-

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cence, the salicylate acting as a carrier of moisture to the more

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1 still had this large mass of peritoneum left which

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Histological research furnishes abundant evidence of the

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whatever intellectual stratagem, to prevent the abroga-

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Remote tactile anesthesia was present in only a very few

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presidency of M. Furnouge. Several Continental and English

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inches in diameter, and rise quite abruptly i inch above the

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lent rule by which to judge when the mirror has received

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him. He can still demand a place in the hospitals of Europe but

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it does not appear unreasonable to suppose that a mild

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The ground covered by this book is not precisely the same with any of

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De rost6oniy61ite typhoidique des parois thoiaciques.

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it is best done by immediate clearing out of the uterus

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being weakened, dilate, they are less elastic than normal.

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testimony, as he is (pioted in the Boston Medical and Sur-

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gress of Pneumonia towards recovery ; 3rd. Antiphlogbtic System of Treatment ; 4tL

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limited to six or seven octaves is not uncommon. Music

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not, however, be confounded with- scrofulous ulcers, The

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"i? low allergenic risk— prompt clinical response

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greatly reduced. All of this could not be explained on the basis of co-

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the chest. A strong solution of nitrate of silver was applied to the

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carry 2501bs. in each hand, was active, and could walk for

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Phila., 1899. 9. s., ii, 174.— Hirkendall (J. S.) Enilepsy

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ing arrest of the circulation by an embolus depend lai'gely on the

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