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tongue, with a lingering, nauseous taste in the mouth, lassitude, and
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being ticklilh, and apt to kick the ftalHon. A per-
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Symptoms. — The usual symptoms of pulmonary tuberculosis are cough
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was an instance of hydatid of the pancreas ; this is excessively rare, and
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Referring to chiro]>ractors. the Commissioner says tiiat he
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unsuitable for the work and she thought he was much better in
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period is very short, sometimes not exceeding twenty-four hours, rarely
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Yogi, hoping by so doing to come into communion with God. He
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chronic, a considerable proportion of the cases recover, but in the more
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The Trcalinnil of \V,tr Woinids. JJy W. W. Ki:i:.v, M.I)., ],[..!).,
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that excepting the speed with which accurate information may be
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immune to syphilitic infection. This so-called law rests on much less
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pufifiness : the face was markedly puffy. Vomiting and intennittent
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possible to try to prevent rupture of the membranes. The patient
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are frequently noticed in Mills's Syjiem of Hujbandry. The
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wall cleaned out with gauze sponges or iodoform gauze. The bleeding
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epigastric pain is associated with deep tenderness, and frequently with
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In chronic rheumatism, neither lipping of the cartilages nor the osteophytic
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common duct is compressed, all the ducts and the gall bladder are very
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f See r Afrique de Mttrmoly Paris, 1667, Ton. II. p, 124
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from below the left vault of the diaphragm to the right side of the vertebral
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ened and infiltrated by small cells. Clumps of bacilli may be found, on
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mouth. The urine is collected at the one hour and two hour interval,
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arriving at the muscles, they encyst themselves, forming a capsule out
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^es Arts, etahlie ^ar Its Etats de Brelapnf. Ar.rces I "5", et
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were obtained in those cases in which the sub-maxillary, salivary and
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diet, at any rate for a time ; and in some cases the withholding of all food
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the lung, the breath sounds, instead of being tubular, may be enfeebled or
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erythema of the skin, ecchymoses or bulla?, numbness and tingling of the
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Further, there is a tendency in a later stage, especially in obstruction by
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\'iii. The above is injected iutu tlie rectum after clearing out the
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pelvic region. The lungs may show discrete nodules. Of the other effects
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fluid contained in the ovarian follicle a hormone which when injected j
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disappeared. There may be diffuse irregular patches of new fibrous tissue,
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the character of the vomiting and the composition of the vomited matters.
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less accuracy by the public in general, but the medical side of the
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The afs is capable of generating fo early as at the
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was presented to His Majesty King George V. at Buckingham
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Thus, Lafont, working in Algeria, notices that Europeans living there I
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lungs. In the early stages the symptoms are usually those of laryngeal
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as 37 mgrms. of phosphorus in the water in which the workpeople had
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more information as to progress can be gained from this than from any
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iliac fossa or will become generalised ; and, as has been already mentioned,
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